Downtown Abbey 1928 Jewelry Collection

1928 has many jewelry collections and with the upcoming Downtown Abbey film, it has an inspired collection under the same name!

Check out some of the following pieces from their latest collection :-

Simple yet beautiful teardrop-shaped earrings with blue crystals. (US$25)
Edwardian style wire drop earrings with amethyst colored crystals. (US$35)
An elegant hexagon necklace with a snowflake embedded at the center and covered with clear crystals. (US$35)
Lovely loop stud earrings with simulated pearls and clear crystals. (US$28)
Gorgeous filigree hair barrette with small simulated pearl and crystal beads. (US$24)

(All photo credit: 1928)


Starbucks S/S 2019 (Taiwan)

Cute black bear cup!
Head in the clouds…?
Keep your latte foamy!
Keeps your drink cold and easy to carry around!
Lucky cat cup to keep your drinks warm!
Do you have a favourite from their latest collection?

(all photo credit: Taiwan Starbucks)

Music on Loop: May

Runaway by Eric Nam:

It already has half a million views on it’s first day out. It’s going to be a hot summer track!

Perfect by Elizabeth Grace:

Beautiful deep voice and lyrics.

See You Again by Yerin Baek:

She does wonderfully in this live performance.

Everything by The Black Skirts:

Very dreamy…

4 Interior Design Ideas to Brighten Up Dark Rooms

With a darker and duller room, here are 4 suggestions to brighten it up :-

Ladder Stands:

SATSUMAS Plant stand with 5 plant pots IKEA
Satsumas Plant Stand from Ikea (Photo credit: Ikea)

The Satsumas Plant Stand is not only reasonably priced (compared to a lot of other ladders out there in the market right now), but it is also practical and a modern way to mix and match with lighter furniture and walls. Plants are a quick and easy way to bring life to a room.

SATSUMAS Plant stand with 5 plant pots IKEA
(Photo credit: Ikea)

There are many possibilities with the white pots. The pots can carry plants to bring in some colour in any space, and/or work as an organizer for your stationery in an office space, and/or to hold magazines and remote controls in the living room.


Umbra Prisma Mirror - Matte Brass
Prisma Mirror (matte brass) by Umbra (Photo credit: Indigo)

Mirrors not only reflects the lighting within that space, but also creates the notion of a larger and brighter space than it is. The larger the mirror, the more space it “creates” proportionally.

Umbra® Dima Mirror - Copper
Dima Mirror by Umbra (Photo credit: Indigo)

Accent Wall Art:

image 0

Modern Wall Art at ExtraLargeWallArts

Abstract art with gold or silver accents and bright colours that are proportionally bigger can help lighten up a space.

Coffee Tables:

Choose coffee tables that have glass tops with thinner gold, silver, or brass coloured bases and legs help reflect light. The bonus is that it also gives the illusion of a bigger space when it’s transparent or see through.

Let us know in the comments if you have tried these options before!

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Starbucks S/S 2019 (Korea)

SS 포멜로 헤리티지 머그 355ml
Starbucks is going with the most popular coral colour for its 2019 spring/ summer cups. The pomelo added to the handle of the
Pomelo Heritage Mug is right on.
서머에버 폼리드 콜드컵 473ml

The lid looks like jelly on this Summer Ever Foam Lid Cold Cup.
SS 베리베리 케이트 텀블러 355ml
Smart detail with the strawberry seeds on the bottom of the
Berryberry Kate Tumbler. The name is too cute already.
SS 서머에버 머큐리 텀블러 355ml

Th Summer Ever Mercury Tumbler looks exactly like a jam jar from afar!
JNL 바나나 보온병 500ml
Not preferring the coral and peachy colours?
The JNL Bananas Thermos is the choice for you.
SS 아일랜드 팜 리프 스트랩 텀블러 473ml
How about this Island Palm Leaf Strap Tumbler?
서머 포멜로 아이스크림 볼
You’d want ice cream all day with just looking at this Summer Pomelo Ice Cream Bowl!
Loving the waffle detail on the bowl!
서머 포멜로 코스터
The Summer Pomelo Coaster looks super refreshing on its own already!

(All photo credit: Starbucks Korea)

Music on Loop: April

Graphy – Here Comes the Sun :

If you like Radiohead, you may like this song too.

R. Tee x Anda – What Are You Waiting For :

Really catchy dance pop and powerful choreography.
It is good to see her back on the scene.

Tiffany Young – Lips on Lips :

The music video looks a bit cliche, but the tune is catchy and very different from her previous songs.

Neon Bunny – Now :

There’s some charm to her songs.

Nook by De Vorm (Chair made with Recyclable Materials)

Nook PET Felt Lounge Chair by De Vorm:


PET felt and PET recycled bottles are some of the ingredients used for making the Nook. The Nook designed by Johan van Hengel is the winner of theiF Design Award 2017.


The Nook was designed as a comfortable lounge chair for hotel lobbies, break out or waiting areas.

Select one of our 11 colour blends for the shell

The possibilities of the colours for the cushion, shell and frame are almost endless.
(All photo credit: De Vorm)

There are 11 colours to choose from for the shell. There are 18 colours for the cushion. Aside from the standard black or white options, the frame can also be customised.