Touring an Art & Design school (Part 1)

The other day I went for a tour at a Magistrate’s Court, which worked as a court for about 40 years and was recently turned into an art and design school just this year after it was retired. I think the idea is refreshing!

The school kept most of the original structure and materials used for the building, such as the appearance of the court and its ceilings, floors, and windows. They kept one of the court room’s orginal form and changed a few to fit computer labs and drawing rooms.

They even kept the prison bars inside the court and turned the inside into offices and conference rooms.


The original brick floors on the 1st Floor were kept and they are in such good condition!

One room was turned into an art gallery. Notice that they do not have plaques on the walls on the names of the artist and the artworks? They did it intentionally so people don’t need to lean close to the artworks to read the plaque and obstruct others from enjoying the piece, and you could get handouts on the names at the reception as well. I thought it was quite clever.

It is great to see that they have kept most of the original installation in the building, while adding a bit of colour and making the place more creative and comfortable. They have spacious common areas on each floor.

Their 2nd floor common area is very open and welcoming. It looks like a nice place for students to hang out and just chill.

The stairs are also kept in its original form. Guess what’s beside the stairs?

A beautiful little corner that is just private and comfy enough. Wish I had a corner like that!

Finally heading into the courtroom. No. 1 Court, here I come.

They kept everything but the wooden chairs for counsels, and they added the bell for the inauguration of their school. 

Cute cushions and sun screens for the class. The courtroom can be made comfortable too!

No. 2 Court was turned into their photography/media room. Just wishes they ketp some of the structures from the courtroom.

No. 3 Court is now a common room for students!

No. 4 Court is now a room for drawing lectures.

The height and angle of the drawing desks are adjustable.

We will explore the other floors in the next post!!!

(Please note: all pictures are taken by ArticulateArt.)


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