Touring an Art & Design School (Part 2)

As promised, here is the second post!

They also have a common area on the third floor for students to hang out.

 (the right side)

 (the left side)

Even their elevators were really creative. The ceiling of the elevator had a picture of people sitting down, so it feels like a bunch of people are sitting on top of the elevator and you can “see” them through the glass ceiling. The floor of the elevator was covered with artificial grass. Who said an elevator had to be boring?

Their photography lab was small but equipped.

Their photography class room was equipped with lots of new Macs and printers. The photographs are all artworks by their students and they were quite impressive.

This professional printer is huge! It can be used for printing photographs for commercial uses like ads you see on the streets.

I found these beautiful dyed fabric decor installed above the original ceiling (from Part 1) on the fourth floor, which was also made by their students. It makes the place look so much more vibrant and colourful since all the walls are white in the hallways.

This is the open area outside their office. The picture of the ballerina underwater is quite nice as it welcomes you into the office building. The chairs on top of the pebbles were quite a neat design, but they were not comfortable to sit in actually. 

They were also very supportive of their students, and the students’ and professors’ artworks can be seen every corner.

All in all, the school kept most of the installations of the court building, especially the insides of No. 1 court room. They should keep the other court rooms too, but I guess they had to alter the rooms into classrooms and they tried to maintain the conditions of the building as much as possible by installing a lower ceiling to the original ceiling instead, and cleaned and kept its floors and window installations.

I was very impressed by how they decorated the interior. It looked like a very comfortable and welcoming place for students and visitors alike. Overall, I think they did a pretty good job of keeping and maintaining the building. This is a good example of how older buildings can be kept and maintained, and it is what an art and design school should look like and be equipped with. However, I have to say, their pricey school fees may be a detering factor for some. But with all those equipments and facilities, some may argue it’s your money’s worth. Definitely worth a visit though!

(Please note: all pictures are taken by ArticulateArt.)


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