2011 Calendars

So it’s the second week into 2011. Have you changed your calendar yet?

It’s not too late if you haven’t made up your mind yet or you can always have an extra one for the room 😉

You may find this strange, but I usually get my calendars after the new year (perhaps its forgetfulness).

Derek Bowers’ one page 2011 calendar:

I like the colours and how it’s a cycle, and the dates are set out in a circle.

Eno Greetings’ Plant Pot 2011 calendar: (“the traditional flipping type”)

You water it from January, and as months pass by and you flip through them, it slowly grows into a tree! How great is that!

BMDM Icalender’s IPhone 2011 Calendar:

If you love the iPhone – this might be perfect for you! But then I’d have to ask, why can’t you just check the calendar on the real one?

Jetoy’s Choo Choo 2011 Calendar:

If you’re a cat lover, you might like this one page starry eyed kitty calendar:

All the calendars except the first one are taken from pinkprincess. I’m sure there are other sites which sell them as well.

Aside from the flipping type calendar, I also like to keep a pocket calendar/diary/agenda.

Cath Kidston 2011 Agendas:

This is the one I’m currently using which inspires me to travel:

It is designed by Design DaDa from Korea. Here are a few other designs by them:

Do you have the habit of keeping a pocket calendar/diary/agenda, a one page calendar, or the “traditional flipping type” calendar?

Feel free to make any comments!


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