Banking in Banquettes!

I’ve always had a thing for banquettes, perhaps because of all the cushioning and space it provides, and the comfortability for enjoying long hours of leisure reading.


The ones next to the windows seem especially warm and welcoming for people to chat and hang out. There’s also something about the curtains with these banquettes that make it look quite lovely and elegant.

 Not only do they save space, it lets people sit in closer proximity. Depending on its fabric, it can highlight the room.


I love how this banquette looks a little like patio chairs! It’s like bringing the outdoors indoors!

Not only can it be fitted into the kitchen and living room, it can be great in a bedroom. Perhaps this one is a day bed.

I wish I could fill my bedroom, living room and entrance with these lovely banquettes. I just need a house to fill that in first… one of these days…


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