Typography is everywhere!

Can you read the two different phrases in this picture?

It says good typography is invisible and bad typography is everywhere. My guess is that he’s trying to say that the general media is using a lot of bad typography, and there are a lot of good ones out there we don’t seem to see much of in public.

Well, I really appreciate the good ones and I’m going to share with you all some of the ones I found.

Craig Ward (the first one is also by him):

He really broke the glass. I was blown away by the idea.

He comes up with really cool stuff.

It looks like he used some sort of fiber or hair.

Ana Gomez:

Love the quote!

Moshik Nadav:

Tania Alvarez:


I love how the characteristics of fabric are incorporated into the letters. 


Juri Zaech:

It would be really cool if it was real bike and if someone stole it, people probably would notice.

That’s all for now. Feel free to share your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “Typography is everywhere!

  1. Nice post.

    As for the “good typography is invisible and bad typography is everywhere”, it also means that good typography, like good movie or background music, or color of the walls, is not noticeable by definition, because it’s good. It conveys the message, which is the point of the verbal communication and draws no attention to itself. The bad examples just poke and irritate our senses, so we notice them far easier. Also, while it is literally necessary and used everywhere, typography is a trade that is unfortunately not considered important enough to apply it properly. That’s why we see a lot of bad examples wherever we turn around.

    • Thanks for sharing your insight! I agree, typography isn’t given as much attention as it should be. Most would just get by with using the “bad ones” unfortunately. That’s why I love to share the really good ones on my blog whenever I can!

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