Nail Art (Glitter session)

This is a nail art post specifically on glitter/sparkling gradation nails.

You can click the picture to zoom in, if you can’t see them clearly~ Sorry for the picture quality!

Silver Glittered Nails:

Step 1: I used Covergirls’ Boundless Color: City Lights 430 (a silver sparkle top coat) to paint about 2-3 layers for each nail for the gradation effect. I painted the top quarter of each nail, then I painted the tips of my nails, and you can add a little bit more sparkles if you want.

Step 2: I used Canmake’s no.11 for the big silver sparkles. This adds more shine and effect to the existing silver glitter on the nails.

Step 3: I used Lavshuca’s clear top coat since it dries off pretty quickly. Just pick any top coat that works for you.

AND wala~ This is the end product:


Pink Glittered Nails:

The steps are almost the same with the silver glitter nails.

(picture of nail polish: credit to theZtyle)

Step 1: The pink nail polish which I used is Canmake’s No. 93. I painted 3-4 layers of it on each nail to create the gradation effect. First, I painted the top half of each nail first; second, I painted the top quarter of each nail; and third, I painted the tips of the nails. If you want a deeper shade on the tips, paint another layer.

Step 2: I used Canmake’s no.11 for some silver sparkles on the tips of my nails. You can skip this step if you don’t want too much shine/sparkles on your hand.

 Step 3:  I used Lavshuca’s clear top coat for the finish.

 Purpose: School, work (works for anything really).

I like doing my nails this way once in awhile because it’s simple and easy, it doesn’t take too much time, and it matches with almost anything! I generally prefer the shimmery small sparkles instead of the big sparkles since it gives a more casual and natural look for everyday wear.

(picture below: credit to Canmake)

This is another picture I found on Canmake to show you the gradation effect with another nail colour, which is Canmake’s nail glitter 03 nail polish. You don’t have to use their brand for this effect, I just like their nail polish results; they dry pretty quickly and are reasonably priced.

Note: the gradation effect does not work with all nail polishes, usually just the fairly transparent/clear coloured (and often glittered) type of nail polishes.

Just have fun with it and feel free to leave comments!


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