Underwater Beauty

I knew I had to write a post on this as I have always felt that underwater photography is truly beautiful.

Remember the second post which I blogged about an art & design school? They also had an enlarged underwater photo at their entrance.

Sometimes it seems hard to come by really good ones… but recently I found a few which I liked and I’ve also been saving up some from awhile ago.

Elena Kalis:

Nadia Moro:


You can make all kind of movements and the light shining through the water makes her look calm and peaceful.

Alberich Matthews:

Zena Holloway:

Everything looks so still underwater.

Would you want to be photographed underwater someday?

I foresee people taking them for their wedding pictures since it works so well with that type of fabric.

Alix Malka:

I love this one… all the movements of the fabric seem to stay where they’ve been and there’s a softness to it.

Something about it just seems timeless (although a photograph in itself already seems so).

Which one’s your favourite one? Feel free to comment!


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