Nail Art: Updating the French Manicure

 I used to do French manicures once in awhile with the French manicure DIY stickers; but soon they began to look a bit plain to me. Then I got the “Konad” looking stencils and stamp in a random shop, and started playing around with them.

This was the result of my first experiment using the “Konad” stencils and stamp. I used a white nail polish for stamping the flowers on the tips of the finger, and instead of just making the tips all white like a regular French manicure ; I thought why not fill the tips of my nails with white flowers. So this my updated (or liberal) version of the French manicures if you like. 


You make also use rhinestones or little pearls to separate the white tips from the rest of the nail (check out my ‘Purple French Manicure’ and  ‘Pink Pearl Lacy’ designs from previous posts).

You may like to try the leopard french manicure (I didn’t make the leopard one but it’s a nice idea to try out).


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