Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! For my friends who are dating or married, here are some gift ideas (either bought or hand-made):

Note: Roll your mouse over the pictures on where to find them.

 For her:

Message in a bottle to let her know what she means to you (they also come in actual scrolls):

Scarf to keep her warm and fashionable:

Card in 9 languages to tell her that you love her:

Binocular necklace so she won’t lose sight of you:

For him:

Compass cufflinks to “direct” him to you:

Cool erase board for him to write you messages:

Binocular necklace for him to match yours (as a set):

Beer cup with a foamy lid that will make him happy:

For my single friends: some of these gift ideas actually work for other occasions (i.e. birthdays, father’s day or mother’s day, etc.)  such as the scarf and the beer cup, but I’ll have another post on that.


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