Singles on Valentine’s Day

Aside from the much suspected commercial aspect of Valentine’s Day and that it is mainly focused on couples, I think it is also a good time for singles to reflect on what they already have and the people that are in their lives.

Anyway, just some ideas for singles on how to spend Valentine’s Day (works for any day really, ie. when all your friends have dates/plans) unless you’re planning on not celebrating it and ignoring the day:


1. Read a sweet novel such as Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice or Northanger Abbey. (Always nice to do some leisure reading in a comfy cafe with a hot drink.)

2. Watch romantic films or dramas. I guess this could be good and bad at the same time, because one might focus on the “lack of”, but watching them can really make one happy! I think sometimes there are good ideas that can be taken from them. Plus, be thankful you don’t have to go through emotional rollercoasters such as the ones in those dramas (depending on how dramatic it is)!

3. Write letters to yourself in the future (say for the you in a year), and/or write letters to your “future love”. It will be interesting to come back to it in a year’s time and see if you’ve changed your views. Then fold it into a heart =)

4. Listen to happy and upbeat music like She & Him, Pete Yorn & Scalett Johansson, Belle & Sebastian, and The Bird and the Bee. Some chill or more peaceful music like Caroline Lufkin’s ‘All I Need’ and ‘Swimmer’, and Cafe Americaine’s ‘L’amour’ also good.  Enya’s music works for anytime really, and Ronan Hardiman’s ‘Love Song’ and ‘Far Away’ are great too. I have realised that the type of music one listens to can really affect one’s emotions, and so I’ve decided to listen to more positive and cheery type of songs. 

5. Make plans with other single friends! Shopping or whatever!

6. Treat yourself to something nice, whether it’s for your stomach or your skin. Use this time to rejuvenate yourself before the right time and person comes along!


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