Tip Boxes & Piggy Banks

Like Button Tip Box by Burak Kaynak:

It would be even cooler if every time the coin goes in, the Like Button goes “click”!

Itazura Piggy Bank: (white kitty)

But technically, a great idea for tip boxes; because customers will want to watch the adorable kitty take the coin with its paw time and after time!

This is how it works:

Step 1: Place a coin on the kitty’s plate.

Step 2: The kitty will make cute kitty sounds and peek its head out of the box.

Step 3: The kitty will take the coin with its paw.

Step 4:  And wala~ You just saved or earned some extra money!

The video can be found here.

It also comes in a panda form:


Choken Bako Piggy Bank: (dog)

Men’s best friend?

They also have one that’s a monkey! It looks hilarious with its hand and tongue sticking out!

These “piggy banks” would definitely work well as tip boxes!


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