Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is coming around again, and here are some ideas for you!

The 6 oz Stainless Steel Mustache Love Flask by whimsyandink  (USD $18) looks quite nice:

Mini mustache wallet in green and brown by whodinihandmade (USD $17.50):


You can get him a cotton shirt from redbrickwall (USD$16):

I found some really awesome soap ideas:

If your dad’s a science geek, the Mad Scientist Soaps Gift Set by twoeggplants (USD $12.99) will be a cool gift:

If your dad’s a game geek, then Space Invaders Soap Favors will be a good choice. It apparently comes in many scents like 7-Up, Lemon Chiffon Cake, Strawberry and Champagne, Peppermint, and Banana Nut Bread, and etc. (USD $6.98):

If your dad’s a tech geek, you can surprise him with the BlackBerry PDA Phone Soap which is nutella scented (USD $9.99):

AND if your dad loves sushi (or food in general, cause who doesn’t?!), the Sushi Lover Deluxe Soaps Gift Set will definitely surprise him, and the coolest thing about it is that it is WASABI scented! How cool is that? (USD $16.99):

If he loves Chinese food, he can have the Chinese Dim Sum Deluxe Soaps Gift Set  and it’s even BBQ pork scented (feels so edible)! (USD $13.99):

What will you get for Father’s Day this year?


2 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. What a wonderful article as well as some very unique soap! Also, jewelry is a wonderful gift to give dad this year. Men’s fashionable jewelry has become very popular over the last five years or so with many men now wearing simple designs in necklaces, bracelets and pendants. I have found the pendants at http://www.menandbeyond.com to be of wonderful quality and very affordable.

    I can’t imagine soap with a smell of BBQ, but how creative and cute! Any dad is sure to love these very unique gifts.

    • Thanks Elizabeth! I did not include jewelry ideas this time because my father doesn’t really wear them, but that’s a good idea!
      I just stumbled across the soap sets and thought there were very unique gifts compared to the regular tie! =)

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