DIY Jewel Blossoms Nail Art

These pink, orange and green ‘Jewel Blossoms’ artificial nails were created by me awhile ago.

I used the ‘Sugar Cookie Pink” O.P.I.  nail polish, a sparkly orange Canmake nail polish, and a sparkly green Maquillage (by Shiseido) nail polish. I painted all the artificial nails pink for 1 to 2 layers first. Then I painted half of the nail in green or orange. Then I repeated the same step to a quarter or 1/4 of the nail. Then I began to use a clear top coat by Rimmel (but any top coat will do) to stick the rhinestones and nail stickers onto the nails. When you are done, add another top coat over the entire nail to keep it long lasting.

You do not have to follow my design, just follow your heart and personalize it. I did not plan for this design at first when I was adding the rhinestones but then I felt something was missing, so I tried to add a little bit more of bling here and there (but not over the top so as to overcrowd it). Creating your own design is part of the fun. Don’t worry about messing it up; as long as you are having fun and enjoying the process, the result will definitely be good.


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