Lifeline of Music

Music is like magic sometimes.

 It can make you remember, it can make you forget; it can heal, it can make you hurt all over again; it can bring more sorrow or joy.  Sometimes music can take over your mind when it keeps replaying in your head.

Music is like a choice.

What you decide to listen can change your emotions today.

So what are you listening to today?

* * * * *

Sidney Bechet – ‘Si Tu Vois Ma Mere’ (the jazz theme played in Midnight in Paris):

Somehow it feels extra romantic with the Parisian scenes, don’t you agree?


Brett Anderson – ‘Unsung’:

From his 4th album ‘Black Rainbows’ which came out on 26th September 2011.

If you like his music, check out ‘Crash about to happen.


Rumer – ‘I Believe in You’:

You can also check out ‘Goodbye Girl’ and “Take Me as I Am.’


Foster the People – ‘Pumped Up Kicks’:


Khalil – ‘Singalongsong’:

 Feel free to check out his other songs and covers: Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You’,  ‘Red Bean’, Wonderful Tonight’


Priscilla Ahn – ‘When You Grow Up’:


Lisa Ono – “Begawan Solo’:

* * * * *


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