Inspiration [12]

Blind by Zoran Sunjic:

“rgb led handrails 
An object that guides you through dark spaces both vizually and phizically.” 

“Ever been stuck in a long corridor or staircase that runs endlessly? Have you fumbled your way out through such a place in darkness, only to stumble and lose your purse along the way? Here is a solution for such problems and this blind LED light helps you physically and visually perceive your way through dark passages and corridors. Even if it is a dimly lit apartment stairway, this LED light would help you to hold and walk without ever having to watch your step.
The idea is a really cool one and it is definitely workable… The blind LED light also comes in many colours and you could choose the one that suits you the best. I guess one will not see any more cases of people falling down the stairs because it was too dark.
The idea also appeals to those who are interested in saving energy as LED consumes less energy and is more environmentally friendly than fluorescent bulbs. These blind LED lights would also negate the requirement for bright lights in places that are not used often…”


This does look cool but I think this design could save lives in an emergency. The rails should automatically light up in an emergency especially where electricity’s down. Simply clever (if there is some sort of backup electricity generator that runs it). Why didn’t anyone think of this earlier.


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