Lifeline of Music [Take 3]

Music acts as a lifeline for many. That right song at the right time can go a long way and each one adds up. They get us up and going again through our rollercoaster ride of ups and downs which we call life.

Lindsey Sterling – Crystallize:

This girl is amazing. I can’t play the violin or dance like her (nor doing both at the same time). Beautiful scenery as a backdrop for the music video, and mixing dupstep with the violin is just so clever.

두번째 달 – 봄이다 (unfortunately there is no English translation to this)

This piece is purely instrumental and just sounds very lovely. A very dreamy and fairy-tale like piece.  A great song to listen to after a long day’s work.

Epitone Project (에피톤 프로젝트) – 이제, 여기에서 (no translation as well)

Epitone Project – Sketch 1

This Korean indie band has really awesome and soothing songs if you like this genre of music.

Re-post and share if you like these songs =)


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