New content*

You’ve probably noticed that slightly different content from the past has been posted in the 3 most recent posts.  Since my interests have developed and grown in the last few years, please bear with me as I transition into posting new content.  To more new posts to come!


Donkey skin – Book illustrations

Donkey skin – Book illustrations by Sandra and Bruno Rilova:

 Simple colours, yet beautiful story telling in these intricate book illustrations with a woodblock printing look.


April Music Favourites

Check out the music that I’ve been listening in April so far (with some new and some old) :-

Into the Light by Solid:

Seriously looping this over and over again, it’s THAT good.  Great cinematography and shots of the city and its aura too.  Classy as heck.  Haven’t heard of them before but they’re apparently legends.


Favourite Mistake by Fyke:

They’re an American band from LA.  Wondering why they are so underrated; catchy tune with an edgy style.


One Shot Two Shot by Boa:

Really nice choreography with all the dancers and just the 2 of them.  Catchy song for drinking and karaoke (perhaps).  Nice colours with the dancers’ outfits matching in the frames as well.  Not crazy about that disco bling bling dress but the other outfits look fine.  A bit surprised when seeing how her face looks super white in one scene and then more natural right in the next scene.

What do you think?  Hope I can bring new music to your ears!