Starbucks Cups Spring 2019

Happy New Year readers!

Starbucks is at it again with it’s wonderful cups and tumblers this year!

Here are some of their latest products from Starbucks Japan :-

Mt. Fuji Bottle at 4,000 yen (around $37 USD)
Cup at 1,800 yen (around $16 USD)
Tumbler at 2,200 yen (around $20 USD)
Year of the Pig cup at 1,900 yen (around $17 USD)
(Photo Credit: Starbucks Japan)
Mt. Fuji cup at 1,800 yen (around $16 USD)

Here are some of their latest products from Starbucks Korea :-

뉴이어 플라잉피그 플로런스 텀블러 473ml
Year of the Pig tumbler (with pig key chain)
뉴이어 LED 랜턴 워터보틀 600ml
New Year Flying Pig Bottle with LED
JNX 뉴이어 플라잉피그 보온병 500ml
Flying Pig Thermos
SS 엘마 뉴이어 골드 드림 텀블러 355ml
Gold Dream Tumbler
SS 햄튼 뉴이어 플라잉피그 텀블러 355ml
Hampton New Year Flying Pig Tumbler (with dream catcher)
(photo credit: Starbucks Korea)

If you are traveling to Japan and/or Korea this Spring, do check it out! What other designs do you want to see them incorporate into their goods?

Note: This is not an advert/sponsor from Starbucks!


Interior Design for Darker Rooms

It may feel a little daunting or trickier to decorate darker rooms, whether it may be with dark furniture, walls, window frames, and/or floors.  However, dark tones can add depth and highlight certain pieces of furniture and paintings within that space.

It can make the room look a little more lush, sophisticated, and mature.  Warmer tones allow the space to feel cozy for winter seasons as well.

color crush olijfgroen interieur

The walls are beautiful and accentuates the green tropical bed sheets in the room.

(photo credit: homedeco)

5 things that curtains can hide inside a bedroom | The bathroom. Photo via Byron Beach Abodes

Light-coloured sheer curtains can create a layered look and depth to the space, while also creating a clearer divide between two separate spaces and more privacy.

(photo credit: Byron Beach Abodes)

The cushion and throw with little pops of colour matches well with the lighter tones in the space.

Mixing the mediums with various smooth or organic/rugged materials for the decor and furniture can provide balance to keep a natural and comfy look.

(photo credit: Simons)

Japandi living room

The lighter hues in furniture and decor, as well as the greenery all help to balance out the dark walls in the room.  Beautiful large windows with lots of natural light are a great addition to brighten up the space.

Japandi garden furniture

These colours really match and balance each other out.

(photo credit: Heal’s)

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(Late) November Music Favourites:

Gaho – 그렇게 가슴은 뛴다 (OST for My Secret Terius) :

Beautiful voice and melody for this OST which really adds to this fun spy drama which just ended recently.

Key (ft. Crush) – One of Those Nights :

Ticks all the boxes for a really nice MV and catchy song.  Great collab.

Lauren Diagle – Your Wings :

Beautiful deep voice, everything on her album actually sounds amazing.

Jon Neufeld – In Your Eyes :

Lovely song & lyrics to end the list.

Christmas Holiday Shopping List

For him:


Hagen Slim Mother-of-Pearl Steel-Mesh Watch from Skagen.  Loving their mesh belted watches.

(photo credit: Skagen)

image 0

Really lit Overwatch D.VA Neon Light by FanFitGaming.

(Photo credit: FanFitGaming)

image 0

Thoughtful Couple Mittens from CreativeCrochetsCA.

(photo credit: CreativeCrochetsCA)

For her:

B.right! Delights! limited edition skincare value set comes with three skincare products for a clear and bright complexion and BROWVO! eyebrow conditioner.

B.right Delights Skincare Set from Benefit Cosmetics. It comes in a delightful box!

(Photo credit: Benefit Cosmetics)


Signature Slim Rose-Tone Steel-Mesh Watch from Skagen that is oh so elegant!

(photo credit: Skagen)

Red fox crochet hat by ThingsFS – warm & foxy for the winter!

(Photo credit: ThingsFS)

For the kids:

image 0

Banana Board/ Balance Board by MaFabrique –  a fun way to help children’s sense of balance.

(Photo credit: MaFabrique)

image 0

Huge Snorlex Floor Pillow Cushion by OOWLSTUDIO – great & comfy for the kids!

(Photo credit: OOWLSTUDIO)

image 0

Set of 4 Craftholic inspired Cookie cutters by ArtSeaFartsy – super cute & fun for the family to make for Christmas!

(Photo credit: ArtSeaFartsy)

For the family:

Nest Protect 2nd Gen Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Wired

Nest Protect 2nd Gen Smoke + Carbon Dioxide Alarm (there are 2 versions, one is wired and the other requires batteries).  Great to keep the family safe over Christmas!

(Photo credit: Indigo)


BISTRO Electric Coffee Grinder from Bodum – handy way to start the morning.

(Photo credit: Bodum)


iHome Wi-Fi Door/Window Sensor

iHome Wi-Fi Door/Window Sensor – good for those who may not want a camera on their sensors.

(Photo credit: Indigo)

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned here.  But feel free to support our page! 😉

Starbucks’ Cups

Starbucks Cups/Tumblers in North America are fairly regular and simple in design… But have you seen these ones from Korea for this season?

코리아 훈민정음 머그 355ml

SLL 바리스타 텀블러 355ml

리얼 경주 텀블러 473ml

바리스타 커피스토리 실리콘 글라스 355ml

SS 벤틀리 에이프런 텀블러 295ml

And these ones from Japan this year :

(photo credit to Starbucks for all photos and not sponsored)

Do you know anyone who collects Starbucks’ Cups?

Time for Starbucks in North America to up their game; rarely see a person walking around with one except their paper cups.

October Music Favourites

‘Scars’ by TobyMac :

Love the tune and encouraging lyrics!

‘I just need U’ by TobyMac :

Yep, (you can probably tell by now) I’m really digging his songs lately.


‘Dawn of us’ (instrumental remake) by Jackson Wang :

I like the instrumental remake version more than the original, just my preference =P

‘Only Then’ covered by Jungkook (original sung by Roy Kim) :

Ending my post with a sadder tune, yes, cause winter is coming earlier this year.

Any thoughts on these songs?  Feel free to leave a comment!

Minimalism & Capsule Wardrobes

“Capsule wardrobe” and “minimalism” have been around for some time like “simple living” from the 70s and the term keeps evolving.  There are different variations and purposes for such “downsizing”. Author Margareta Magnusson terms it “Swedish death cleaning” (I donated over 30 pieces of old clothing while I was listening to her audiobook). Author John Piper terms it “war-time living” (a great reflective piece with his comparison to cruise ship living). And I am sure you have heard of other terms as well.

Whether you are thinking about starting yours or already have, there are various reasons people do so.  Some do it to save money, help the environment, fight against fast fashion, de-clutter and to feel more mindful, to focus on a particular style, to mix-and-matching easily to save time, or for simplicity’s sake and to focus more time on other important things.  No doubt that there are many benefits for organising your wardrobe and to know how many pieces of clothing you actually have (and finding and re-utilizing all the ones you’ve forgotten about)!

This may be on the more “extreme” end to some, but a very fun experiment by Maria Lee to wear the same dress for a month and mix-and-match with different accessories that started me thinking of the purpose of clothing :-

She sets out her whole wardrobe collection on her blog.  Definitely a good reminder on what’s already in the wardrobe, and helpful when shopping for new pieces to match them! Keeping the ones that you really like and matching it accordingly.

I don’t have the same wardrobe as her, but I found a simple and affordable storage solution at IKEA to begin my journey on cutting down my existing wardrobe. Should you want to check it out, here are some suggestions:

IKEA’s ALGOT storage system:

For more info, please check here and here on IKEA.

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