Minimalism & Capsule Wardrobes

“Capsule wardrobe” and “minimalism” have been around for some time like “simple living” from the 70s and the term keeps evolving.  There are different variations and purposes for such “downsizing”. Author Margareta Magnusson terms it “Swedish death cleaning” (I donated over 30 pieces of old clothing while I was listening to her audiobook). Author John Piper terms it “war-time living” (a great reflective piece with his comparison to cruise ship living). And I am sure you have heard of other terms as well.

Whether you are thinking about starting yours or already have, there are various reasons people do so.  Some do it to save money, help the environment, fight against fast fashion, de-clutter and to feel more mindful, to focus on a particular style, to mix-and-matching easily to save time, or for simplicity’s sake and to focus more time on other important things.  No doubt that there are many benefits for organising your wardrobe and to know how many pieces of clothing you actually have (and finding and re-utilizing all the ones you’ve forgotten about)!

This may be on the more “extreme” end to some, but a very fun experiment by Maria Lee to wear the same dress for a month and mix-and-match with different accessories that started me thinking of the purpose of clothing :-

She sets out her whole wardrobe collection on her blog.  Definitely a good reminder on what’s already in the wardrobe, and helpful when shopping for new pieces to match them! Keeping the ones that you really like and matching it accordingly.

I don’t have the same wardrobe as her, but I found a simple and affordable storage solution at IKEA to begin my journey on cutting down my existing wardrobe. Should you want to check it out, here are some suggestions:

IKEA’s ALGOT storage system:

For more info, please check here and here on IKEA.

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Wearable Foods Series

Wearable Foods Series by Yeonju Sung:

Beautiful and edible pieces from the artist!  I love this series so much and had to share this =)

yeonju sung 1 yeonju sung 2 yeonju sung 3

The artist’s website stated this about the series:

“Wearable Foods series, Constructed art forms made with food.

As a fine artist, [Yeonju Sung] fell in love with photography as a main tool and a medium to create her visions.

“Wearable Foods” series is the first long term project she started two years ago and it still continues to this day.

This series deals with the concept of creating images that interchange the actual reality and the made-up reality on many levels. This body of work is her version of the made-up reality, which destroys the core meaning of clothing, which is the ability to be worn.

This series of her work forces viewers to defy the actual meaning, the functionalities, and the aspects of what clothing signifies in our lives. The essence of clothing and food has been reinterpreted. Each element does not fulfill its own role and yet, each suggests an unconventional and even contradicting role – un-wearable clothing that is made out of the materials that do not last.

These images trigger some of our fundamental senses: Desire to wear clothes; desire to eat. But her images don’t fulfill the senses either and they are interchangeable stories between the actual and the made-up reality.

Yeonju’s spectacular images make you believe and desire her made-up reality.”

yeonju sung 4 yeonju sung 5 yeonju sung 6

Art Merge Lab from LA, which exhibited the series, stated this about the series in 2012:

“In her photographs of clothing constructed from materials that could never realistically be worn, Yeonju Sung captures what she describes as a series of phantoms—temporal checkpoints depicting objects destined to decay, objects that fail in function what they seem to fulfill in appearance. Sung begins by constructing a garment form out of foodstuffs such as eggplant, lotus root, tomato, and banana. She then photographs these articles of culinary couture, effectively removing context from purpose and concealing the degradation effects of time. Sung recognizes the inability of her organic pieces to carry out the function which they signify—and she likewise exposes the limits of the photographic image as it conveys a fleeting reality, a moment of meaning that will never exist beyond the printed page.”

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

So Father’s Day is coming up, still haven’t decided what to get yet?

Here are some gift ideas (click on the artist’s name for links):

Cool interactive t-shirts by bkykid 

Railroad Play Mat Tshirt by bkykid

Space Play Mat Tshirt by bkykid


Sweet slogan t-shirts by SlothMachine

Darth Vader Greatest Father Tshirt by SlothMachine


A one of a kind card by FINCHandHARE

You are awful-awesome card by FINCHandHare

You are awful-awesome card by FINCHandHare 2


im lucky to have you as my old man by FINCHandHARE

im lucky to have you as my old man by FINCHandHARE 2

Lego tie slide for any lego fan by bitsandbadges


Lego Chrome Silver Tie Slide by bitsandbadges


Fishing fans will like this key hook by RobsRustics

key hook wall mount fishbone by RobsRustics

Don’t forgot your grandfathers too!


ArticulateArt DIY: Silver Flower Earrings

Silver Flower Earrings with Crystal Beads:

I just made these silver flower earrings with round white crystal beads (with a tint of pinkish purple) the other day.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make it.

silver flower earrings by articulateart 5Materials used:

  • a pair of silver hook earrings with flowers attached
  • 2 crystal round beads (any colour/ size/ shape to your liking)
  • 2 silver wires with a round circle clump at the end (yes, that’s its technical term)(pictures shown below)
  • 2 pieces of small round flower shaped pieces

TIME: ~10 minutes

silver flower earrings by articulateart 2

Place the crystal bead and then the small flower shaped piece in the silver wire, and make a hoop with the wire around the silver earring.

Wrap the remaining wire around the bottom of the hoop; it not only secures it but gives it a nice finished look.

silver flower earrings by articulateart 3And VOILA~ It’s just that simple!

silver flower earrings by articulateart 4

Something simple to match with your outfit!

A nice gift idea too when you don’t have loads of time!

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Sunlight by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva:</p>


Really like the way they captured the light, the use of the architecture in the photographs, and the expressions of the models – it all looks quite natural, especially the 1st, 2nd and 6th photographs.