Waterdrops by Alexey Zakharov

Some beautiful digital artworks from the Waterdrops series:

They look absolutely real… can’t imagine the time and effort put into making these into life!

He’s really captured the characteristics of nature naturally and added a magical touch to it.

Alexey Zakharov 1 Alexey Zakharov 2 Alexey Zakharov 3 Alexey Zakharov 4 Alexey Zakharov 5 Alexey Zakharov 6


Ghibli Family

Ghibli Family by Sarah Go:

A beautiful poster tribute by the artist to some of the amazing animated films of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.

For more on Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, click here for my previous post.

Ghibli Family by Sarah Go



Studio Ghibli Layout Designs Exhibit

The exhibition ‘Studio Ghibli Layout Designs: Understanding the Secrets of Takahara and Miyazaki Animation’ just opened last month at the Heritage Museum of Hong Kong and will go on till the end of August, 2014.

A fantastic exhibition for any animation student/artist/fanatic, especially if you are a huge Studio Ghibli/Takahara/ Miyazaki fan.  Unfortunately, photography was not allowed inside.

miyazaki exhibit 2

This exhibition showcases the animation film layouts from all their films to date!

The film layouts are prepared in the production process of the animation film. The layouts are like the storyboards or blueprints of the film; they are the screen composition that make up the design and arrangement of the entire film.

They usually contain the cut number, screen, movement, dialogue, sound effects, and the actual seconds written on them which specifies when and how the layouts are to be played in the film.

miyazaki exhibit 1

What amazed me the most about the layouts were how detailed and intricate they were. I could feel the years of dedication that their team spent on the layouts, since each layout had to be planned perfectly in order for the story to flow.

They also replicated the hallway of mirrors in the film, Spirited Away, inside the exhibition room, which was a pretty cool experience.

miyazaki exhibit 4Time spent: Approximately 3 hours

Gift shop: The museum’s gift shop carries some of Studio Ghibli’s items right now, but be prepared that they will cost a small fortune!  The most affordable item might just be the kitchen cloth! Yes! You heard it right, a kitchen cloth from Kiki’s Delivery!

Tips: Wednesdays are half priced.  Also, go early to queue in the ground floor area if you’d like to take pictures with the characters from their films.

The exhibit will make you want to watch and re-watch all their animation films!  Make sure to check it out if you’re gonna be in Hong Kong this summer or plan a trip!

miyazaki exhibit 3


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