Waterdrops by Alexey Zakharov

Some beautiful digital artworks from the Waterdrops series:

They look absolutely real… can’t imagine the time and effort put into making these into life!

He’s really captured the characteristics of nature naturally and added a magical touch to it.

Alexey Zakharov 1 Alexey Zakharov 2 Alexey Zakharov 3 Alexey Zakharov 4 Alexey Zakharov 5 Alexey Zakharov 6

Paintings by Robert Romanowicz

Paintings by Robert Romanowicz:


Circo Magico

Hunter Jake


Napoleon & Rose

Zorro rojo

His art is simply brilliant. They are so fun to look at, and each character he paints is so unique and as if they are popping out of these memorable children’s books. Love his use of colour as well.

Rufus Wainwright

Rufus Wainwright by Andrio Abero:

Really lovely poster design. This would be a great design for a book cover as well. Although I prefer the ‘R’ to be taller and slightly curvier on the right, I still love how the roses and piano fit really well with the ‘R’.