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So what have I been up to……….

I made a new year’s resolution to read more this year and I just finished a duology! =D

The covers and titles just captured me; the cover art are absolutely amazing.

The first book is called The Assassin’s Curse, while the second one is called The Pirates’ Wish.

the assassins curse the pirates wish

 Assassins and Pirates – need I say more?

Apparently there’s a third book that’s a prologue called The Witch’s Betrayal but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

If you enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean (at least the first one for me), I’m sure you will enjoy them.

A light Y.A. read with pirates, assassins, and magic/ mystical creatures all mixed into one potion.

Songs that go with the books :

London Grammar – Wicked Game

Borns – Electric Love

Mat Kearney – Ships in the Night

Hyorin – Lonely

Muse – Starlight

Not going to give away which scenes they should be played at.  No spoilers 😉

The book had a lot of criticisms on book review sites, and many parts of it were true… but I still enjoyed it as a light read.  Perhaps I’ll save it for another post if any of you are interested.


No Such Thing as a Boring Bookshelf

These bookshelves definitely inspires creativity and encourage reading (or the purchase of books?)! Not only are they useful, they’re also eye-catching focal pieces.

MYDNA bookshelf by Joel Escalona:

Love how DNA inspires the idea that bookshelves could “swirl”.

Byronmuller Office’s Bookshelves by darkitectura:

Warped bookshelf by Sang Hoon Kim:

Transparent bookshelves by Jakob and MacFarlane:

This bookshelf would look even nicer if they put a light underneath it for the colours to reflect on the wall.

Cave by Sakura Adachi:

Now you can sit in your bookshelf and read!

Storylines by Studio Frederik Roije:

This would look cool in a studio and add colour to the wall! No other decorations needed! Also comes in white!

Get Back In Your Book

I just came across Lissy Elle‘s photography series of ‘Get Back In Your Book’.

Can you identify the characters?


The concept of characters going in and out of books has this sense of mixing reality with fairy tales or fantasy.

It feels real and unreal at the same time! That’s what I love about books!

She has a number of works on Flickr, including the series, ‘My Friend Mason’:

The lights and concept behind ‘The Warehouse’ is quite captivating.

Love the colours and dreamy-ness of her pictures.

Book Covers

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

But I have to admit that most of the time I am attracted by the book’s cover before I flip through its pages. In fact, I believe the book cover is just as important as the book itself!

Penguin Classics in a hardcover clothbound series by Coralie Bickford-Smith. They would look quite lovely on a bookshelf.  I have yet to read them!

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s hardcover series is very simple yet classy, and is also illustrated by Coralie Bickford-Smith.

Probably wouldn’t have guessed it was by the same person because it is so different from her previous designs. Coralie Bickford-Smith’s work is just so creative and eye-catching! 

Ian Fleming’s James Bond series was republished under the Penguin 007  imprint in 2008 as a Centenary Edition to  celebrate Fleming’s 100th birthday.  All 14 book covers were illustrated by Michael Gillette. Apparently, he was on a tight schedule and had only spent a few days on plannng and painting each of them. I think he has done a wonderful job; the different colours of each book and the type and font on each woman’s back makes it unique and also eye-catching. It just feels so James Bond-sy (if that’s a word).

In fact, I am going to do some reading this Christmas (finally)!

Wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!