Inspiration [18]

Love this piece by Alexey Zakharov in his Misc. Stuff series:

Alexey Zakharov Misc Stuff


I love this type of art work… twisting the surreal with the realistic traits…



City Pattern by atelier olschinsky

City Pattern by atelier olschinsky :

Really intense illustrations of the cityscape, as if the earth was being engulfed by a colourful magma of a buzzling city and choking everything in it. The city is surely a creature on it own.

Wissioming Residence

I’ll start posting architecture related posts from time to time as I’ve been quite intrigued by it for a while now.

Here’s one that I found and quite liked~

‘Wissioming Residence’ by architect Robert Gurney:

Love the open space and the outdoor fire (I’m thinking marshmallows!), and the long pool that matches the residence perfectly.