Inspiration [18]

Love this piece by Alexey Zakharov in his Misc. Stuff series:

Alexey Zakharov Misc Stuff


I love this type of art work… twisting the surreal with the realistic traits…



Waterdrops by Alexey Zakharov

Some beautiful digital artworks from the Waterdrops series:

They look absolutely real… can’t imagine the time and effort put into making these into life!

He’s really captured the characteristics of nature naturally and added a magical touch to it.

Alexey Zakharov 1 Alexey Zakharov 2 Alexey Zakharov 3 Alexey Zakharov 4 Alexey Zakharov 5 Alexey Zakharov 6

Inspiration [16]

Mistaken Identity by Ken Wong:

Really drawn to this creative piece by the artist…

mistaken identity by ken wong

The mood is captured perfectly in this piece; I can hear the music in the background for it already.

For more info on the artist, please click on his name above.


Digital Work 1 by Jinwoon Pak

Digital Work 1 by Jinwoon Pak:

I really love these whimsical illustration where the artists mixes the old with the new, like the modern girl taking a walk amongst the flowers in the old paintings alone.

digital work 1 by jiwoon pak 1

digital work 1 by jiwoon pak 2

digital work 1 by jiwoon pak 3

They feel really nostalgic somehow… even though it is my first time viewing it.

digital work 1 by jiwoon pak 4

Inspiration [15]

Girl in the Cloud House by bibo X:


It reminded me of the animation films Howl’s Moving Castle and Laputa or Castle in the Sky. Wonder what’s it like to live on a cloud.

The ground looks like a fluffy white carpet. When it’s raining, does it mean they are flushing their toilets and/or taking showers? Haha.