Sketchbook Blues

Sketchbook Blues by Sarah Go:

Really loving some of her creative sketches below~

I really like the last two sketches, and I feel that she’s quite gifted and has a lot of potential.

sketchbook blues by sarah go 1 sketchbook blues by sarah go 2 sketchbook blues by sarah go 3 sketchbook blues by sarah go 4 sketchbook blues by sarah go 5 sketchbook blues by sarah go 6






The Wild Swans

The Wild Swans by Anne Yvonne Gilbert:

Beautiful story-telling illustrations by Anne Yvonne Gilbert – the drawings are just so dreamy and the vivid at the same time. The characters in the second picture sort of have this feeling of the portraits from the old European paintings from a few hundred years back too (and their expressions).



Travel by Yan Nascimbene:

travel by Yan Nascimbene 1 travel by Yan Nascimbene 2 travel by Yan Nascimbene 3Lovely illustrations by Yan Nascimbene which some of you may remember that I’ve shared on another post previously on his series titled ‘Outdoors.’ This series captures the outdoors and narrates a story on its own just as well.

And…. I wish all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Have a heart-warming winter holiday!!!!