Sketchbook Blues

Sketchbook Blues by Sarah Go:

Really loving some of her creative sketches below~

I really like the last two sketches, and I feel that she’s quite gifted and has a lot of potential.

sketchbook blues by sarah go 1 sketchbook blues by sarah go 2 sketchbook blues by sarah go 3 sketchbook blues by sarah go 4 sketchbook blues by sarah go 5 sketchbook blues by sarah go 6






Ghibli Family

Ghibli Family by Sarah Go:

A beautiful poster tribute by the artist to some of the amazing animated films of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.

For more on Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, click here for my previous post.

Ghibli Family by Sarah Go



Inspiration [16]

Mistaken Identity by Ken Wong:

Really drawn to this creative piece by the artist…

mistaken identity by ken wong

The mood is captured perfectly in this piece; I can hear the music in the background for it already.

For more info on the artist, please click on his name above.


Digital Work 1 by Jinwoon Pak

Digital Work 1 by Jinwoon Pak:

I really love these whimsical illustration where the artists mixes the old with the new, like the modern girl taking a walk amongst the flowers in the old paintings alone.

digital work 1 by jiwoon pak 1

digital work 1 by jiwoon pak 2

digital work 1 by jiwoon pak 3

They feel really nostalgic somehow… even though it is my first time viewing it.

digital work 1 by jiwoon pak 4

Pop Art!

Pop! by Alicia Wee:

“What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you have bubble wrap in your hands? POP THEM!
But have you ever thought of using it creatively?
This bubble wrap painting is one of the many many experiments in the ‘When you’re stuck in a hell-hole’ project to help creatives to overcome their creative blocks. Being inspired by things around us & converting them into image-making techniques. I chose Roy Lichtenstein’s famous pop art image as it literally linked to ‘pop’ art. PUN INTENDED!”
(Pop!’s dimensions: 36cm X 34cm)
Love to see how a little creativity can turn paint and a daily object like bubble wrap into pop art!
Awesome project by Alicia Wee! Love how she wrote to “look around you & be inspired!”
Roy Lichtenstein would be proud!