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And back on Instagram too @articulateart – with pictures from the dazzling city of Hong Kong =)


(The Wipe Out Exhibit by Invader @invaderwashere that just ended on the 17th)

So what have I been up to……….

I made a new year’s resolution to read more this year and I just finished a duology! =D

The covers and titles just captured me; the cover art are absolutely amazing.

The first book is called The Assassin’s Curse, while the second one is called The Pirates’ Wish.

the assassins curse the pirates wish

 Assassins and Pirates – need I say more?

Apparently there’s a third book that’s a prologue called The Witch’s Betrayal but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

If you enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean (at least the first one for me), I’m sure you will enjoy them.

A light Y.A. read with pirates, assassins, and magic/ mystical creatures all mixed into one potion.

Songs that go with the books :

London Grammar – Wicked Game

Borns – Electric Love

Mat Kearney – Ships in the Night

Hyorin – Lonely

Muse – Starlight

Not going to give away which scenes they should be played at.  No spoilers 😉

The book had a lot of criticisms on book review sites, and many parts of it were true… but I still enjoyed it as a light read.  Perhaps I’ll save it for another post if any of you are interested.


ArticulateArt’s Photographs

Hello everyone! Sorry for being away so long! However, I have been updating my Instagram photos very often though! You can check out my photographs here and they are all part of my experiment. They are all taken on my phone! Please follow me on Instagram (and of course on WordPress!) if you like my photos and for automatic updates whenever I upload new photos, thanks!

Have a happy Sunday!


I have some news for you guys! It probably isn’t any “big” news to all of you, since I am sure many of you are already doing it and have joined the group a LONG time ago… but I was skeptical about it before, but after much peer pressure deliberation, I decided to join Instagram!!!

If you are interested, feel free to check out ‘articulateart’ at Instagram or click here.


Instagram Camera

Instagram Socialmatic Concept Camera by ADR Studio:

Pretty awesome idea – would like to see a comeback with shoot and print cameras!

When it becomes reality, I am sure it’d be quite popular just like the app itself – but of course, it’d depend on the price as well. I support the concept anyhow!