Waterdrops by Alexey Zakharov

Some beautiful digital artworks from the Waterdrops series:

They look absolutely real… can’t imagine the time and effort put into making these into life!

He’s really captured the characteristics of nature naturally and added a magical touch to it.

Alexey Zakharov 1 Alexey Zakharov 2 Alexey Zakharov 3 Alexey Zakharov 4 Alexey Zakharov 5 Alexey Zakharov 6


Colour Tales – Blue & Yellow

Colour Tales – Blue & Yellow by Anka Zhuravleva:


I really love the first photo a lot with the use of colours and imagery, and the mysteries behind each picture.

Inspiration [14]

What kind of day is yours today?

flowers at hk park by articulateart

flowers at hk park by articulateart

Taken during my walk to the Hong Kong Park today – completely took my thoughts away from my troubles in an instant during my little break out. A lovely idea to fill flowers inside the umbrellas for a little pond – seems like a wonderful arrangement for weddings too.

P.S. feel free to use this photo as your wallpaper, but please do not use this for other purposes without giving credit.

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