April Music Favourites

Check out the music that I’ve been listening in April so far (with some new and some old) :-

Into the Light by Solid:

Seriously looping this over and over again, it’s THAT good.  Great cinematography and shots of the city and its aura too.  Classy as heck.  Haven’t heard of them before but they’re apparently legends.


Favourite Mistake by Fyke:

They’re an American band from LA.  Wondering why they are so underrated; catchy tune with an edgy style.


One Shot Two Shot by Boa:

Really nice choreography with all the dancers and just the 2 of them.  Catchy song for drinking and karaoke (perhaps).  Nice colours with the dancers’ outfits matching in the frames as well.  Not crazy about that disco bling bling dress but the other outfits look fine.  A bit surprised when seeing how her face looks super white in one scene and then more natural right in the next scene.

What do you think?  Hope I can bring new music to your ears!


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(The Wipe Out Exhibit by Invader @invaderwashere that just ended on the 17th)

So what have I been up to……….

I made a new year’s resolution to read more this year and I just finished a duology! =D

The covers and titles just captured me; the cover art are absolutely amazing.

The first book is called The Assassin’s Curse, while the second one is called The Pirates’ Wish.

the assassins curse the pirates wish

 Assassins and Pirates – need I say more?

Apparently there’s a third book that’s a prologue called The Witch’s Betrayal but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

If you enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean (at least the first one for me), I’m sure you will enjoy them.

A light Y.A. read with pirates, assassins, and magic/ mystical creatures all mixed into one potion.

Songs that go with the books :

London Grammar – Wicked Game

Borns – Electric Love

Mat Kearney – Ships in the Night

Hyorin – Lonely

Muse – Starlight

Not going to give away which scenes they should be played at.  No spoilers 😉

The book had a lot of criticisms on book review sites, and many parts of it were true… but I still enjoyed it as a light read.  Perhaps I’ll save it for another post if any of you are interested.

Lifeline of Music [Take 3]

Music acts as a lifeline for many. That right song at the right time can go a long way and each one adds up. They get us up and going again through our rollercoaster ride of ups and downs which we call life.

Lindsey Sterling – Crystallize:

This girl is amazing. I can’t play the violin or dance like her (nor doing both at the same time). Beautiful scenery as a backdrop for the music video, and mixing dupstep with the violin is just so clever.

두번째 달 – 봄이다 (unfortunately there is no English translation to this)

This piece is purely instrumental and just sounds very lovely. A very dreamy and fairy-tale like piece.  A great song to listen to after a long day’s work.

Epitone Project (에피톤 프로젝트) – 이제, 여기에서 (no translation as well)

Epitone Project – Sketch 1

This Korean indie band has really awesome and soothing songs if you like this genre of music.

Re-post and share if you like these songs =)

Lifeline of Music [take 2]

“All good music resembles something. Good music stirs by its mysterious resemblance to the objects and feelings which motivated it.” – Jean Cocteau

For those of you who have been following ArticulateArt for some time, you may remember I posted a ‘Lifeline of Music about a year and a half ago.

I still think music has a hand in steering our emotions to whatever direction as compared with what we may be feeling right before listening to it. I have decided to keep this going, and to share some of the songs that I have found and been listening to recently. Feel free to share some good finds on your side as well to enlarge our music selection.

I do listen to a fairly wide range of music, so here goes :

Clara C – Cover of Stay by Rihanna & Mikky Ekko:

This cover has a different mood to it than the original, and I actually prefer this cover more.

John Park – Falling:

He tried out American Idol a few years back, but it seems like his change in music industry has done him good so far. Sometimes not “winning” may be a blessing in disguise in different circumstances. This song is just lovely.

Imagine Dragons – Amsterdam:

Can’t believe I’ve only found out about them until now. Need I say more?

(side note: must add Amsterdam to my bucket list)

King & Country – Middle of Your Heart:

P.S. Thank you for all of you who have “liked” my posts! I have just passed the 200 ‘liked’ mark! Going to keep these posts rolling!