Coleman Air custom typeface by Non-Format

Coleman Air custom typeface by Non-Format  :

This typeface looks kind of sci-fi and fantasy-like… or perhaps a bit art nouveau?

Coleman Air custom typeface 1 Coleman Air custom typeface 2 Coleman Air custom typeface 3 Coleman Air custom typeface 4


Selectric Necklace

Selectric Necklace by Lawrence Kwok:

“This project is the result of a collaboration with designer, Monika Wensel. Each typeface is coupled with a particular type of wood, such as Purple Heart, Tiger Wood and Walnut.

With the help of a graduate student over in the National Institute for Nanotechnology, we also sputtered a few of the pendants in gold. Since this occurs in a vacuum on a nanoscale, we were able to plate the typewriter ball in a perfectly uniform layer of pure gold, one particle in thickness.”

Really creative concept in turning a series of IBM Selectric Typewrite balls into necklaces and to wear typefaces out as an accessory, but I would prefer it more if it was possible to come in a smaller size.

Rufus Wainwright

Rufus Wainwright by Andrio Abero:

Really lovely poster design. This would be a great design for a book cover as well. Although I prefer the ‘R’ to be taller and slightly curvier on the right, I still love how the roses and piano fit really well with the ‘R’.

Hand Lettering by Krista Farrell

Hand Lettering by Krista Farrell:

(Hand lettered typefaces using tech pens on bristol board)

Pretty cool typography – I like the idea of incorporating well-known symbols into the fonts, such as making an ‘A’ with the recycle signs.